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We feel that anytime we get to visit a brewery and taste their brews, we’re scoring big time! Well, that is not what I am talking about on this page. It is about how we rate the beer we taste. As we mentioned, we are not Certified Beer Judges or members of BJCP. We don’t even review the beer style guides before tasting or try to match up the color on the color guide (SRM). We are just two people that  enjoy a well crafted brew and love to travel and visit breweries along the way. We have tasted 100s of different beers from different breweries from all over the world. We have tasted most all the traditional styles and enjoy the creative new creations that don’t fall in to a tradition beer style. We do give fair judgement on all styles whether we are a fan of the style or not. From Light lagers to imperial stouts, from sours to barleywines, we give them all a fair shot and an honest review.

When we visit a brewery, we tend to line up one or more taster platers and taste nearly everything they have on tap, if possible. Tasting 4-6 ounces helps up taste more beers per visit without losing our palate. Plus, we can visit more than one brewery per day (rarely more than 2 per day).

Here is how we score our tastings. These are our scoring standards and they do not correlate with any other scoring standards. 7s or 8s are good numbers where other scoring standards may not be so good so do not be alarmed.

10 - The God’s Nectar

9 - Incredible - Filet Mignon of beer

8 - We would order this any chance we get

7 - Very drinkable

6 - Bland and uneventful

5 - Weak flavor but no terrible abnormalities

4 - You call this a craft beer? Nice try

3 - Contaminated or heavily flawed

2 - Budweiser

1 - Coors

0 - Skunked/Pure water - Wouldn’t feed it to my dog

From here we add a point value to scale the rating (8.2 or 7.6). It helps us determine what our favorite of the tasting is and what we would order again on our return trip or buy at the store. The pure honest truth: this site is really for us to know what beers we prefer when we go out to have a beer. You get to benefit from our personal opinion and hopefully it will help you decide too.

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